Zareena Yasmin Qureshi

A lifetime of color...

Welcome To My Website

Let me start by saying thank you for making this far. A deep joy echos though my heart, because finding art form has truly been a blessing for me in my life.

I have been blessed to be able to help so many people discover the joys of creativity. I wish you well in your journey through life and may your future years bring joy and prosperity.

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It is an honor to present to you my life’s work to you today. I am truly grateful,  so please take some time to look around.


Explore the richness of my life

Gorgeous Fine Art and Oil Paintings Shipped from Western Australia

I am a painter based in Western Australia. I live for helping others experience the joy of creativity through my life’s work, which is why I’ve taken to sharing it with the world. It’s my honour and privilege to present to you my work that comprises portraits, animal paintings, tribal paintings, scenery paintings, and floral paintings.

I have always found myself drawn to using my art not only as a means to imprint my creative vision but also to dedicating myself to evoke an almost spiritual experience in the viewer. My paintings explore humanity, the human condition, culture, belief, beauty, elegance, fleeting moments, identity, nature, and grace. I’ve committed my life to creating art and using art to explore larger questions and provoke possible answers.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary paintings for your home or affordable abstract paintings for a loved one, you’ll find something that resonates with you in my collection. My work is created with thought, attention-to-detail, and a deep passion for creativity. If you’re looking to buy original paintings that inspire, empower, or uplift you, you’ve stumbled upon the right page.

Please browse through my collection and feel free to purchase the ones that interest you. All items are on sale at discounted prices. Every piece I create carries profound meaning behind it. While I want the viewer to interpret my art as they deem fit, I would also love to explain my thought process behind the art that interests you. Explore my work until you find something that strikes a chord with you.