A stunning portrait titled ‘Asher,’ showing a young girl in bridal garb looking into the distance.

4 Tips for New Art Collectors

Art collecting is one of the most financially viable and joy-inducing hobbies you could take up. Not only is it great from the point of view of investments, but also from the perspective of personal taste and passion for the finer things in life.

However, it’s not as simple as picking pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or going for an artist that sounds vaguely familiar. Buying art requires a few essential skills; learn them, and you’ll go far.

Keep the following in mind before making your purchase and building a collection:

1. Understand your own preferences

Not all of us recognize our preferences and taste in art from the get-go. As a collector, it takes time to develop and understand your personal likes, dislikes, stylistic and thematic preferences, subject choices, and more. Do your research, look around, see whether you’d rather buy people and portrait paintings, or if you prefer landscapes—and if you want them to be in oil, acrylics, or watercolour. There’s room for a lot of variation.

2. Keep a budget in mind for your purchase

When you’re diversifying your investment portfolio and building a collection, a good tip is to start slow and stick to a budget. Your budget can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, but having one helps you stay within a safe range.

Remember that investing in art is a long-term commitment, and you’re likely to see returns over time, so spend only as much as you can afford to.

A painting titled ‘Pick me for my ribbons’ of a woman with colourful ribbons in her hair and her back to the viewer.

3. Observe the quality and style in depth

You don’t have to be an experienced collector to be able to judge the aesthetics, visual play, depth and style of a painting. There are plenty of markers for novice collectors and enthusiasts to base their purchases on, including skill, technique, style, and interpretation.

4. Think about it in relation to your space

This is a tip that’s going to help you a lot in the long run. If you display your art collection in your home or workspace, think about how the piece will work in relation to the rest of your décor, colour scheme, and other elements of your space.

You can find various fine art paintings for sale here; invest in pieces that appeal to your needs, wants, and preferences. We have a wide variety of pieces that include portraits, scenery, animals, and florals, depending on your preferences. Reach out to us or order directly to buy acrylic paintings online.

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