Rightfully titled ‘Pot of Gold’, this painting shows sunflowers in a pot.

5 Artwork Tips for Beginners

Artwork can add to a room’s aesthetics or inspire conversations around the dinner table. Therefore, when planning to buy an artwork, make sure you make the right choice.

There are many things to consider when investing in artworks; let’s have a look at some of them.

Reputation of the Artist

The first thing you should consider is the artist’s reputation. When you’re new to the world of art, you don’t have the ability to determine whether or not you should invest in an artwork. Hence, it’s better to buy a piece only from well-known artists known for producing quality work. You can buy artwork online or attend art exhibitions to find out about famous artists in your region.

Decide What You Want

Understanding your personal taste in art is extremely important.

Determine what you like and don’t like in artworks, and decide what you’re looking for. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the language used to describe artworks. For instance, you should understand different terms such as ‘abstract’ or ‘representational’ artworks.

Also, consider themes and colors that appeal to you and consider how they might be reflected in your space.

Keep a Purpose in Mind

Before you buy an artwork, it’s important to have a purpose in mind. You can’t just buy artwork just because it looks great; you should have a clear purpose in mind. For instance, if you need artwork to hang indoors, make sure it complements your wall’s overall theme and colors.

 If you need something for an open area, choose a material that won’t be affected by sunlight exposure. Similarly, you must also take into account the size and weight of the painting.

If you’re buying an artwork as a gift, then it’s also important to consider the preferences of whoever you want to give it. Try to find out what type of paintings they like, or what kind of paintings will look good in their room or workplace.

Floral patterns and motifs such as these daisies remain incredibly relevant.

Dig Deeper

When you’re investing in artwork, surface knowledge isn’t enough.

You can inquire about the rationale behind the artwork or the purpose of the painting. You can also ask about the different interpretations and the context in which the artist produced them. The more you know about an artwork, the easier it will be to sell it later.

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