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5 Reasons to Gift a Loved One a Painting

Gifts, whether they’re for special occasions or otherwise, are a great way to show your loved ones that you care and appreciate them. But it’s difficult to find the right type of gift, especially if you’re looking to give them something special, meaningful, and valuable.

Artwork is always a wonderful idea for a present, whether you invest in oil paintings on canvas or buy portrait paintings. Here are some reasons why it’s definitely worth your while to gift artwork to friends and family:

1. Art is always a meaningful and thoughtful present

You know how they say it’s the thought that counts? Artwork is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful presents you can invest in. Not only does it hold monetary value, but it also holds sentimental value; it’s a way of letting someone know that you put thought, effort, and energy into choosing a present for them.

2. You support local artists, economies, and the environment

By buying from local talent, you become a patron of the arts, help local economies grow, and protect the environment against wastage. Art pieces tend to be minimally wasteful, while benefiting a lot of people in the process. Artwork is the gift that keeps giving!

3. It’s a long-term gift that will last for decades

Art pieces, when cared for, last for decades, being passed down through generations. They neither depreciate in value, nor in meaning. A truly high-quality work of art will be as relevant today as it will be in twenty years—or maybe 500.

4. Any painting you buy will be one of a kind

There could be a dozen diamond rings or neckties that look like the one you got, but paintings? Truly one of a kind! Perhaps the artist will create something similar, or have a distinct style or preference, but they can never replicate a work in the exact same way. The same strokes, dimensions, shapes cannot be copied either; so you’ll know that the fine art piece you buy will remain truly unique.

5. You don’t need to break the bank for quality work

A lot of us assume that we need to spend thousands of dollars on quality art, but truth be told, it’s easy to find great pieces on a budget. We have various pieces that are under $1,000 too, making them an excellent investment and an even better deal.

Investing in artwork is a great idea as a personal endeavour too. While it makes for an excellent present, you can also build your own collection. Browse through my collection to invest in pieces for yourself, or for your loved ones today!

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