About Me

I have always been dedicated to creativity of miniatures and massive works. I like striving to produce the most innovative statements on humanity and beauty, believing it to be the responsibility of an artist to stimulate heightened spiritual awareness for the benefit of mankind.

The welfare of the deprived and the freedom of the oppressed, have always figured strongly upon my creations and I have given freely of my time and works to many causes.

I have fought to create awareness of the plight of the indigenous peoples, to draw attention to their loss of identity, the subversion of their culture and general issues of importance to the broader community. Land right, political struggles and environmental issues being prominent concerns. 

In 1992 I was one of a few Australians invited to an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain as part of the Olympic games celebrations. 

My conventional art work has progressed parallel to computer graphics and some exhibitions have been universally successful.





Zareena Yasmin Qureshi