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How Can I Make My Artwork Look More Impressive?

When it comes to painting, there are many aspects one must consider—both fundamental and technical. However, it’s the minor tactics that can help your artwork look more impressive.

Let’s look at some tips (brought to you by our portrait painter online) that can elevate your artwork:


In art, composition means how you place and arrange the visual elements. Thanks to various compositional techniques, achieving aesthetically pleasing artwork isn’t a problem anymore. With that being said, some artists like Pablo Picasso didn’t use conventional compositional approaches to challenge the audience.

There’s one rule that many art teachers forget and many amateur artists overlook: the rule of thirds. However, it’s one of the most taught rules in a photography class. Today, many art communities like design, photography, and painting use this guideline or rule. If you choose to use it as well, you’ll make your artwork look more impressive.

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Here’s what you need to do: divide your rectangle into 9 equal parts. This will create four points where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect. If you position objects in these intersections, you’ll not just create a pleasing composition but a focal point as well.

Before starting out, have a concept in mind

Every expression of art begins with a concept—an idea formed in mind, allowing artists to express how they can accomplish something. If you want to improve your art, etch a concept in a sketchbook, or at least, in your mind before starting out. If there’s no concept, you’ll be a traveller without a map.

This doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to that concept only—stay flexible. Always let your artistic inspiration guide you. Without a concept, you won’t be able to accomplish your artistic desires.

The art of thinking is probably your most important ally when it comes to painting.

Create an inspirational work environment

Our environment shapes us. Therefore, if you’re working in a messy, cramped, dusty, cluttered, or dark environment, how would you be able to create, let alone improve, your artwork? Remember, you won’t be at your best if you aren’t at ease or uncomfortable.

So, how do you resolve this? Simple; unclutter, organize, and clean your creative environment once you’re done with your work. This will help you focus on your art. For example, organize books, loose papers, along with other materials. Also, wash your paintbrushes. This will help you improve your art, efficiency, and creativity.

Don’t stray away from good lighting. Understand that the visual performance of your artwork will be affected by things such as direction, colour, intensity, and the type of lighting. Our recommendation is to go for a lamp—it imitates natural north light, giving you all the natural light you need.

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