Influence Of Art On Society

The Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem spoke in a Ted Talk in 2013, in which she spoke about “how art gives shape to cultural change.” She said images have an impeccable power to transform how we perceive something and think about cultures and ourselves. Every colour, texture, and composition can completely change a narrative in history and the world. She emphasised how art is powerful enough to make people understand and question themselves and each other to become a stronger society.

Undoubtedly, art has a dominant influence on all societies than any other medium of communication. It’s a subtle tool that brings people of different ages, classes, and opinions together. Furthermore, it has historically played a crucial role in creating better societies by impacting people’s lives, the environment,  and social actions.

Here are four ways how art impacts every society worldwide.

A Universal Language

Unlike other tools of communication, art has no language. Therefore, most people engaged in arts use it as a universal language to promote effortless communication between multiple cultures and traditions.

Art cultivates an equitable society by breaking cultural barriers and allowing people to welcome foreigners into their societies. As a result, it instils the emotion of respect for others’ beliefs and traditions among people.

In other words, art unites people worldwide regardless of their difference in age, class, lifestyle, and opinions. It’s the ultimate source of evoking empathy and respect for one another in a civil society.

Historic Preservation

Art has existed through centuries in multiple forms and mediums. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly the best preservers of history. Throughout time, people have resorted to art to document monumental events future generations could learn from.

It shows today’s generations a clearer picture of events that occurred in the past. From rulers’ practices in the Mughal Era to contemporary artwork of the late Victorian period, art infuses respect for different civilisations and their history. When we become aware of how societies emerged, we view the world differently and appreciate it more. According to Social Justice Solutions, art has the power to make people understand and respect past and present global cultures.

Increased Visual Knowledge

Societies are significantly empowered and enlightened when different art forms surround them. For instance, paintings inside houses and street art in public spaces become an excellent source of knowledge for people who view them. It increases their visual knowledge by allowing them to question societal norms and enhance their critical thinking abilities.

Awareness of Social Issues

Every society has social issues, and art forms play a massive role in creating awareness. Artists resort to different art mediums to express resistance or engage their audience to unite them for a social cause. Art is an excellent tool to put forward a thought through placards and graphic and digital art to address society’s problems. It’s a go-to medium of creating awareness because it allows people to engage in an open interpretation and discussion while viewing it. As a result, the social cause becomes a highly personal experience for them.

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