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Paintings: Revisiting Memories, Nostalgia, and Feelings

Art in today’s world is a broad spectrum.

Art is anything that’s pleasing to the eye and has undergone a certain process. One of its most expressive forms is painting.

Painting has been in existence since the oldest of times. Paintings were used to capture chief events in history and the lives of those before us. From war to a day with your loved ones to abstract thought, paintings captured everything.

The feeling of splashing different colors on a canvas and being able to put your thoughts in abstract form isn’t just powerful but satisfying as well.

Often painters project their deepest memories from the corner of their minds into their art. In some cases, it’s a reflection of loved ones or people that impacted their lives.

Revisiting Memories


How often does it happen that you look at a painting of the Eiffel Tower, and your mind wanders back to the memories of your first trip there? If yes, then it’s simply because paintings trigger our memories.

Observing paintings can take us down memory lane.

 Paintings may not always bring back pleasant memories; they sometimes bring memories of hardships, pain and suffering, and even grief.

Many artists’ art is a depiction of their experiences. That’s one of the few reasons paintings touch us intellectually and emotionally, making it personal despite being universal.

Evoking Feelings

Colors, visuals, backgrounds, and the atmosphere impact a person’s feeling when looking at art. Those feelings often stem from our past and are probed by art.

The type of art a person sees is particularly what their emotions depict.

Going back to paintings of wars might be traumatic for some due to the loss and grief they had to bear. However, for others, it may entice feelings of accomplishment and success.

Similarly, religious paintings may bring about feelings of piety and contentment and a sense of security. Moreover, paintings of flowers, rain, beaches can bring a wave of calmness, content, and serenity.

Some paintings, especially when familiar with the artist’s background, can trigger feelings of sadness and empathy, for instance, Van Gogh’s masterpieces.


Nostalgia is what transforms artists’ memories into art and vice versa. Nostalgia stems from emotions and the want to go back in time.

Art and paintings revolve around emotions, and those emotions trigger memories, feelings, and nostalgia.

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