A portrait of a woman titled ‘Golden Girl,’ which depicts the female form beautifully.

How to Pick Out the Right Artwork for Your Space

Home décor is a skill, one that takes years of experimenting, playing around, and trying to figure out what works best for your space before you get it right.

It’s even trickier to pull off home décor with artwork because you might not know how well some pieces will gel with others. If you’re looking for fine art in Western Australia, you can browse through my collection of unique paintings online, and begin the decorating process, keeping the following advice and tips in mind:

1. Think of the general décor in your space

Do you have a warm, vintage setup at home, or is it cooler and more contemporary? Do you prefer clean lines and minimalist prints over louder, bolder looking patterns? Your chosen artwork should complement your space and existing décor—it makes very little sense for it to be the other way round, unless you’re redoing the whole place.

2. Go room by room when choosing works

Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, library foyer—all of these different rooms have different environments, purposes, and uses, and it helps to factor all of this in.

When you go room by room, you can pick out various pieces based on the rest of the space, allowing you to invest in more works and not having to worry about how they work together. The same applies to a workplace where there are offices, conference rooms, corridors and public areas.

Rightfully titled ‘Pot of Gold’, this painting shows sunflowers in a pot.

3. Don’t be afraid of putting pieces together

Don’t worry about mixing pieces together! Setting up your gallery wall in different ways helps you find a way to make paintings work in relation to each other. Whether you’re pairing mix-media paintings or putting up fine art pieces with family photographs, mementos or even digital art, there are several ways to master your gallery wall display.

4. Play around with the setting and display

Speaking of displays, it’s also important to remember that not everything needs to go up on the wall. Experiment with how you put up your paintings, placing them in different spaces and spots; you can hang your painting on the wall, as well as on the ground, above the mantle, or as a backdrop for other pieces. Not everything has to be conventional and boring!

5. Remember the painting’s safekeeping too

In the midst of all of this, however, you need to remember how important it is to keep your paintings safe. Protecting them from direct sunlight, heat, humidity, water, and other environmental risks is important to keep them safe in the long run. You should invest in a high-quality frame, learn about supporting your painting’s weight, and more. Follow this complete guide for more details.

Decorating with art is easier than you think. You just need to know how to mix and match your favourite pieces and keep in mind the nature of the space. If it’s for your home, you can add more family photographs and personal mementos, or invest in more formal displays for your office or workspace.

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