Buy Stunning Watercolour and Oil Animal Paintings

The fabric of artistic practice has been marked and underlined by depictions of animals not just for several eras but for several civilisations. We can trace animal paintings all the way back to prehistoric times, when early human beings communicated using caves, trees, and rock drawings. Animals played crucial roles in early agrarian societies and were integrated into people’s daily lifestyles. That isn’t to say the role of animals has diminished within modern society, just that they play different roles than they did throughout different eras and across different cultures.

My art explores the continued significance of animals in our lives and within what we collectively understand as nature. Paintings of animals evoke and stir a wide range of emotions within us and can be incredibly arresting and powerful.

Browse through my collection of reptile,fish, and bird paintings below and purchase your favourites. My artwork captures more than just the physical existence of animals; it also captures their essence, totality, penchants, and emotions. I’m hopeful that my work will resonate with you, especially if you’re fond of recognizing, appreciating, and deeply valuing the essence and holistic beauty of animals. Once you find something that piques your interest, feel free to contact me. I’ll walk you through the thought process behind the artwork, and I’d love to listen to your interpretation as a viewer as well.

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