Exquisite Watercolour and Oil Floral Paintings

There are perhaps few things that are more universally beloved than flowers. Flowers, no matter the type, size, or colour, are universal symbols of beauty, elegance, and gentleness. By extension, depictions of flowers in floral paintings lock the unmatched grace, the exquisite tenderness, and the gossamer vibrancy of flowers in time, holding all their unique and unmistakable qualities in the viewer’s gaze forever.

Floral paintings are a lovely, creative, and very effective way of elevating the visual aesthetic and design of an interior space. Watercolour paintings of gorgeous floral scenes featuring daisies or roses are ideal for a dainty and chic bedroom, while a darker, striking oil on canvas painting can make an otherwise dull living room come to life. My collection of floral paintings has something for everyone.

All of my floral paintings are on sale, so browse the collection and pick your favourites.

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