The Remarkable Achievements of Zareena Qureshi over the Decades

Portrait titled ‘frozen in time,’ by Zareena Qureshi.

Australia’s most celebrated and recognized artist, Zareena Qureshi, has had exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 1989, Ken Colbung, Chairman of the Nyoongah Aboriginal Community, opened her exhibition and recognized her work as “Revolutionary.” Here’s more to learn about the artist:

Qureshi and the Indigenous People

Qureshi has been a strong advocator for the indigenous people’s rights and has communicated her emotions and opinions through her artwork. She aims to create awareness of the plight of the indigenous peoples so that their oppression, loss of identity, and subversion of their culture are highlighted. The artist supports land rights and several pressing environmental issues through her paintings. 

Zareena Qureshi’s Awards

Along with being one of a few Australians invited to an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the Olympic games celebrations in 1992, Qureshi has collected several awards in her portfolio. These include: 

Belgravia Arts Community Annual Award 

Qureshi won first place in the open category based on her stunning and detailed paintings. This award ceremony was in memory of Paul Yoong.

Medail Du Paix Et Reconciliation 

Qureshi was awarded for her efforts to further the cause of peace, reconciliation, and progress by Kingeli V, the King of Rwanda. 

Darlington Arts Festival 

In 1994, Qureshi won the first prize for her artwork titled “Bondage.” The judges said that her piece was “simple, direct, cheeky detailed with a nice sense of place.” They noted that the medium displayed ranges from reality to wash with dramatic depth. They complimented the piece by saying it was “fluid, not overworked.” 

Belmont Small Business Awards

In 1995, Zareena Qureshi was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her active participation and support. These awards were sponsored by the City of Belmont, Commonwealth Bank, Southern District Business Association, and Small Business Development Corporation.

Rwandese Support 

The artist’s efforts were, once again, recognized by King Kingeli V in 1999 for her work to maintain peace, stability, and prosperity in Rwanda.

Belmont & Western Australian Awards 2020

Qureshi is also a finalist in the 27th Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards 2020 and continues to sell her exquisite artwork online to people in Western Australia.

Titled ‘smile for smile,’ this painting depicts different budding flowers

Who Are Qureshi’s Patrons?

Although Qureshi is a nationally and internationally recognized artist, a group of patrons has been her driving force throughout the years. These include: 

Qureshi’s Collection:

Qureshi displays four types of collections on her website, each filled with unique and detailed pieces. From animals to floral paintings, portraits, and scenery, her pieces are mixed in watercolour, acrylic, and oil on canvas.

Her animal collection aims to explore the importance of animals in our lives and nature. Each painting evokes a sense of power and peace that’s associated with the characteristics of each animal. 

The strokes and vibrant colors of her floral collection help elevate your space’s visual aesthetic and design. You can add the lighter watercolour daisy painting in a dainty room, whereas the darker oil on canvas would be an excellent choice for the living room. 

Portraits speak thousands of words, and each piece by Qureshi is created to evoke a variety of emotions. You’ll find portraits of people with different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, with the greater aim of creating a sense of unity among people.

Her collection of scenic paintings include watercolour and oil landscape paintings, perfect for adding aesthetics and definition to any space.

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