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Water Colour Painting for Dummies

Generally, there’s nothing daunting about starting a new hobby in watercolour painting—and it shouldn’t be because watercolour has been a versatile painting medium that has been around even before watercolour sets were first invented in the 18th century. With just a few simple techniques and art supplies, you’ll be able to create some incredible watercolour paintings.

According to our portrait painter online, here are some things you should know as a beginner:

Choose the right palette

Usually, pan and cake watercolour sets have built-in fold-out palettes that one can use in a plethora of ways based on their orientation and size.

For your tube watercolours, you can either purchase some cheap welled plastic palettes or look through your kitchen cupboards for a white, flat dinner plate. However, if you want convenience and don’t want to cause a lot of wastage, using a covered plastic palette will be your best bet.

Buy the best paper

You may have the art supplies, but if your paper starts curling before the water even touches it, you’re doomed. To make sure this doesn’t happen, use any block, watercolour pad, or loose paper with a weight of more than 300gsm.

Every paint works differently on a different texture of paper, so choose wisely. Based on what your requirements are, you can choose from the following textures:

  • Rough: It has a bumpier surface. However, if you’re looking to employ exaggerated rough texture techniques, use this one.
  • Cold press: It also has a bumpier texture, but not as much as rough texture. Many watercolourists prefer this texture.
  • Hot press: This texture is smooth and even, making a nice surface for drawings and prints.
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Select the watercolour paints you prefer

Yes, there’s nothing better than watercolour pans for the outdoors, but if you want to vary the consistency easily and quickly, go for tube paints.

Plus, always buy artists’ quality watercolour instead of students’ quality because the former lasts longer. To get the most out of your money, only purchase colours that you’ll be using.

Get your hands on a good brush

If you’re on a budget, all you need is a #8 round red sable watercolour brush. However, if you can spend some more money, get an extra-large oval brush and a round #4 for large washes and detail work.

So, should you buy a synthetic brush or a natural brush? Well, it’s your preference, but synthetic brushes don’t absorb much water and retain their shape better than natural brushes. This gives you more control.

If you’re confused, just buy a whole set as they contain all the basic brushes that a beginner would possibly use.

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