Ways to Travel With Art

Before anyone travels with art, it’s important to consider the security plans, regulations, and fees for traveling with the artwork. Another important thing to remember is that traveling with artwork requires proper packaging and care to avoid damage. Packing and traveling methods can vary depending on the delicacy of the art piece.

Read on to find out how you can travel with art in a safe and budget-friendly way.

Use Art Handling Services

If you have valuable breakable or large art with you, the best thing to do is ship it to your destination using an art handling service. Not only do they have trained staff to handle your artwork, but they also have the correct equipment to package and transport the artwork to your house or gallery.

Pack it Properly

Packaging depends on the medium of art you’re traveling with. For a large canvas or three-dimensional figure, such as statues, you can use a plywood crate. This will ensure that your art won’t move around too much during transit.

Make sure you use only acid-free packing paper and materials. That’s because materials containing acid can cause the artwork to deteriorate. It’s a good idea to use bubble wrap for cushioning purposes as they protect the artwork from bumping into the sides of the crate during transportation. Lastly, include instructions for unpacking the artwork for when it reaches its destination. Although the staff is trained to handle it, you wouldn’t want to risk anything.

Get Insurance

Whether you’re shipping your art through air, road, or train, it’s advisable to insure it. The insurance methods depend on which medium the artwork is traveling through. If you’re traveling by air, the cost of insurance might be higher than if you were traveling by train. Moreover, for costlier artwork, you’ll have to pay more for insurance, but it’s worth the investment. That’s because you’re going to be compensated in case something happens—which it doesn’t very often. If you’re looking for artwork, you can check out our collection here. From animal paintings to tribal paintings, we offer original paintings to our clients at affordable rates. You can even find paintings at discounted prices here. The owner and founder, Zareena Qureshi, is an award-winning artist, so you’re sure to get quality for the money! If you have any questions, drop us a message, and we’ll be happy to get back to you!  

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