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Zareena Qureshi and Her Love for Art

Zareena Qureshi loves art – there’s no doubt about that. In fact, her endless collections of stunning paintings and her achievements in this domain back this up.

Let’s look at why Zareena Qureshi loves art so much.

She feels good while making art

Zareena Qureshi feels good being an artist. Whether she’s drawing a design for something, painting (which she often does), or planting an outdoor landscape, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is, she sees making art as one of the best feelings in the world.

She thinks art lasts longer than most things

Well, art certainly lasts longer than a delicious meal – unless, of course, it’s a painting of a delicious meal. Zareena Qureshi also loves those miniature statues of naked women from almost 40,000 years ago. This means that years after we’re gone, our future generations may see our photos and feel a little bit of connection to us. This is why Zareena Qureshi loves miniatures. Just imagine a time when there was no photography and when people used to keep the paintings of their loved ones – people who were loved so much that their lovers painted them.

Art has given her the realization that people are fundamentally the same around the world

Yep, there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t the same. But the pictures of breathtaking landscapes, pets, and people from different eras of the past have a universal appeal. In fact, people from various cultures like to collect these paintings and keep them.

Art allows people to look

Ever walked by art without looking at it? It’s hard. Art attracts you; it forces you to look at it and wonder: what was the artist thinking? Who was the artist? Why did the artist create this piece of art in this way?

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Art makes her feel something

looking at art – connection, desire, disgust, anger, empathy, lust, longing. In fact, art-induced ennui is also a feeling – a very rare feeling.

Art has taken her places

Once, she saw a large color photo of a little girl and a South African man. The girl was resting her head on a hyena. The man was pulling back the gums of hyenas to show its teeth. She could literally smell the environment, sense the heat, and taste the dust. She felt as if she was right there.

Art makes her think

When she sees art, Zareena Qureshi thinks about what message the artist was trying to convey, how they did that, and what elements she liked or disliked about the art. Even if she doesn’t like art, she keeps on thinking about why that is the case.

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